Friday, March 6, 2015


“Misery & Virtue,” is a compilation of four stories:
  • “29 Years in Laogai” is the saga of Matthew Koo, who was arrested in 1955, while at the seminary in Shanghai where he was studying to become a Catholic priest. For 29 years, he suffered as a political prisoner in prisons and labor camps, but, eventually, he escaped and finally(!) was ordained a priest, in 1988, in the underground Church in China.
  • “The Handmaid” is a conversion story about Catherine Wang. As a girl, she innocently joined the Communist youth activities, until she realized the true intention of the Communists toward the Church. Eventually, in 1955, she was arrested for her faith.
  •  “Love Story” is the true-life story of Joseph Ho and Catherine, two Catholics persecuted for their faith who found one another and married and eventually made it to freedom.
  •  And “Tilanqiao” is about the life of one political prisoner in Tilanqiao, the infamous prison in Shanghai. But also, this story of Wenli Chen includes his eyewitness account of another prisoner: then-Bishop Pin-Mei “Ignatius” Kung, who suffered for 30 years in Tilanqiao because he refused to give up his faith.

“Blood of the Martyrs: Trappist Monks in Communist China,” is about the unbelievable real-life events of the Trappist monks in China and what they endured at the hands of the Communists.

If you are outside the United States and wish to purchase "Blood of the Martyrs: Trappist Monks in Communist China" or "Misery & Virtue," it is very easy.

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